Useful resources for the gamblers

Online gamblers can access casinos easily. Abundance of information however is not synonymous of good information, so some hint toward the right resources is due.

Casino reviews

There are only few sites in this category we want to recommend:

  • Gambling Deals is the site where you can get up to 20% cashback on what you lose on a lot of casino and sport betting sites. We consider this the best place to go when you want to start playing on some casino or sportsbook, because you get the cashback only when you create your account coming from Gambling Deals.
  • Ask Gamblers where you can find a lot of information about most online casinos and you can read lot of reviews from other players.
  • Casinos Killer is where you can find the reviews of the best casinos available in different countries, like Finland or UK.


There are many resources where you can learn a lot about every single casino game available online.

  • Kewl Casino where you can learn about different type of casinos.
  • Kewl Roulette where you can learn more about rules and strategies.
  • Kewl Blackjack where you can learn how to play blackjack.
  • Adventure Game Casino is a site where you can learn more about gamification in the gambling industry, a trend that is becoming bigger and bigger with sites like Casino Heroes and Betser.